The co-development process: Transforming Cities Fund national evaluation case study 1

The Department for Transport commissioned Transport for Quality of Life, the University of the West of England and Sustrans to carry out a process evaluation of the allocation of £1.28bn of funding to 12 city regions through the Transforming Cities Fund.

The case study was part of this consortium’s long-term national evaluation of the Transforming Cities Fund (TCF). This independently evaluated the impact of this £2.45bn fund, which delivered local transport improvements across 18 city regions.

The report summarises 20 lessons which should be used to inform the design and delivery of future co-development approaches between central government and local government. The report also discusses the 8 strengths and 10 weaknesses of the TCF co-development process, which these lessons are based on. 

Hiblin B, Calvert T, Hopkinson L, Van Ry R, Sloman L and Cairns S (2021) The Co-development Process: National Evaluation Case Study 1, Transforming Cities Fund Report to Department for Transport.

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