Summary of outcomes of the Cycling Demonstration Towns and Cycling City and Towns programmes

This is a summary of the final outcomes of the Cycling Demonstration Town (CDT) programme (2005 – 2011) and the Cycling City and Towns (CCT) programme (2008 – 2011).

The two programmes funded 18 towns and cities to implement strategies to encourage more people to cycle. Cycling trips increased across both programmes overall, and also individually in all 18 towns and cities. From automatic count data, there was an overall increase of 29% for the six CDTs in 5.5 years (range across towns: 6% – 59%); and an overall increase of 24% for the 12 CCTs over three years (range across towns: 9% – 62%).

The annual rate of growth for the CDT programme was 5.3% and for the CCT programme 8.0%. This was comparable to rates of growth in international cities which have demonstrated sustained long-term commitment to cycling.

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