Fix Your Bike voucher scheme evaluation

The Department for Transport commissioned Transport for Quality of Life, the University of Westminster and Sustrans to evaluate the Fix Your Bike scheme, which distributed 400,000 vouchers to members of the public, giving them £50 off bike servicing and repair.

The evaluation found that, as well as attracting existing cyclists, the scheme attracted people who had previously been only occasional cyclists, or non-cyclists, who would not have otherwise got work done on their cycle. 

The differences in reported cycling behaviour were even greater for people who had been cycling less than once a week when they applied for their voucher – suggesting that the scheme was particularly successful in getting occasional and non-cyclists to cycle more.

Overall, the high levels of satisfaction with the scheme, and the impacts reported, suggest that it was a popular and effective way of increasing cycling and reducing car use. 

For the benefit of active travel practitioners developing cycle repair and servicing initiatives, the report includes lessons learnt about how to more effectively design and deliver behaviour change projects of a similar nature.

Cairns S, Cohen T, Hiblin B & Fevyer D (2023) Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme Evaluation Report to Department for Transport.

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