Examining the impact on cycling levels of Streetspace modal filters: a controlled before-and-after study in Dulwich Village, London

Coordinating local volunteers to do manual counts, in order to examine the impact on cycling of new modal filters in Southwark, London. 

On the street affected by the Streetspace modal filters, the number of cyclists almost doubled from the previous manual count (94% relative increase). At the control site, cycling numbers were relatively unchanged (6% relative increase).

The work provides a model for other communities to survey their own streets where modal filters have been introduced. The accompanying Word file available here for download provides details of the data collection methods to help others employ the same rigorous approach elsewhere.

  • Work with Cycling England to establish the Cycling Demonstration Towns project, and to support the use of smart measures to increase cycling.
  • Facilitating DfT’s national programme of walking seminars involving over 1000 people from local authorities, primary care trusts, and voluntary organisations.
  • Review of UK pedestrianisation schemes and their impact on economic vitality for Exeter City Council.
dulwich report

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