Analysis and synthesis of evidence on the effects of investment in six Cycling Demonstration Towns

The six Cycling Demonstration Towns were funded by Cycling England and the Department for Transport to implement comprehensive strategies to encourage more people to cycle, including ‘smart’ behaviour change measures as well as new cycle infrastructure.

The average increase in cycling, as measured by automatic cycle counts, was 27% over the three year programme. There were increases in the number of people cycling, amongst both adults and children. Comparator data suggested that this was unlikely to be simply a reflection of a wider national trend. The investment offered high value for money. This report for the Department for Transport and Cycling England brings together the key results from the first three years of the Cycling Demonstration Town programme.

Sloman L, Cavill N, Cope A, Muller L and Kennedy A (2009) Analysis and Synthesis of Evidence on the Effects of Investment in Six Cycling Demonstration Towns Report for Department for Transport and Cycling England.

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