Transport and Climate Change

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Deep change transport policies to meet 1.5 oC target

Friends of the Earth asked Transport for Quality of Life to produce a series of papers laying out the changes needed in transport policy for the UK to deliver its fair share of carbon emissions reduction. Transport is now the UK's biggest contributor to climate change that threatens deeply problematic environmental, social and economic consequences, and the need for a change in the trajectory of transport policymaking is urgent. The tacit official assumption that incremental modified-business-as-normal solutions are enough is untenable.


These briefings take a different approach, unflinchingly assessing the challenge head-on and presenting ideas for bold and imaginative alternatives, even where these depart from the comfort zone of government officials and ministers and are not yet part of the mainstream discourse.

Photo credit Marcus Spiske on Unsplash

Briefing 1: More than electric cars - Why we need to reduce traffic to reach carbon targets

Briefing 2:  Transforming public transport - Regulation, spending and free buses for the under 30s

Briefing 3: Planning for less car use

Briefing 4: Segregated cycleways and e-bikes - The future of urban travel

Briefing 5: Getting the Department for Transport on the right track

Briefing 9: A net zero carbon budget for the whole transport sector