Our people and expertise

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The combined energies and skills of our team have helped Transport for Quality of Life establish a reputation at the forefront of sustainable transport research, policy and best practice.

Our team featured here offers expertise in strategic analysis of transport policy coupled with practical knowledge of how to create and promote sustainable travel choices. In addition, our relationships with other consultancies and academic institutions enable us to assemble teams with additional capacity or expertise on a project-by-project basis.

Sally has undertaken research on transport policy, traffic reduction and travel behaviour change for over 30 years.

She joined Transport for Quality of Life as an Associate in 2017 and became a Director in 2023. With Transport for Quality of Life, her work has included projects for the Department for Transport; Energy Saving Trust, Bicycle Association, Cycling UK and the Urban Transport Group, evaluating measures to reduce car use and encourage bus use, cycling and walking.

Sally is also a Director of Sally Cairns & Associates Ltd; part of the ELEVATE and CARS research projects; and a member of the recent Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions, where her work focused on aviation.

Anna is a transport and health researcher, with a particular interest in the use of natural experiment designs to evaluate the effects of sustainable transport interventions.

She joined Transport for Quality of Life as an Associate in 2015 and became a Director in 2023. Anna has worked with Transport for Quality of Life on the evaluation of the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund, Cycling Cities Ambition programme, Transforming Cities Fund and Active Travel Fund. She has also recently co-authored a report on School Streets, in collaboration with Possible and Mums for Lungs. 

Anna also works part-time as a sustainable transport academic in the Department for Population Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Beth is a behaviour change consultant, with over 20 years’ experience facilitating stakeholder engagement and the design, delivery and evaluation of sustainable transport programmes.

She joined Transport for Quality of Life as an Associate in 2010 and became a Director in 2023. Beth has worked on most of the Department for Transport’s area-wide sustainable transport funding programmes since the Sustainable Travel Demonstration Towns began in 2004. She has managed the delivery and evaluation of numerous local programmes for local authorities and national parks.

Beth is also a Director of The Smarter Choice Consultancy. Her particular interest is in process evaluation and capturing learning, in order to help proliferate best practice across policy sectors.

Lisa is an environmental and transport researcher with over 30 years’ experience in the private, educational and charitable sectors. 

She joined Transport for Quality of Life as an Associate in 2016 and became a Director in 2023. Lisa has worked with Transport for Quality of Life on the evaluation of the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund, Cycling Cities Ambition programme and Transforming Cities Fund and has co-authored a series of briefings on carbon and transport, as well as reports on School Streets, public transport and the economic benefits of cycling.

She is a Trustee of the Foundation for Integrated Transport and is actively involved in local campaigns to promote active and sustainable travel.

Jillian has been an associate of Transport for Quality of Life since 2008.

She is Professor of Transport and Energy at Leeds University Institute for Transport Studies, where her research investigates the societal and behavioural issues that impede reduction of car use and its impacts.

Jillian developed a ground-breaking typology of motorists’ psychology and habits, and amongst wide research interests has undertaken research on climate change impacts of transport for the Commission for Integrated Transport.

Jillian was previously professor of Transport and Energy Demand at the University of Aberdeen.

Phil is Emeritus Professor of Transport Policy at University College London and the University of the West of England. He was formerly Director of the Transport Studies Unit at Oxford University and a member of the Government’s Standing Advisory Committee on Trunk Road Appraisal. His many research publications are listed in Google Scholar

He has collaborated with Transport for Quality of Life since its earliest days, including on projects commissioned by the DfT, such as the research Smarter Choices: changing the way we travel and Finding the optimum: revenue/capital investment balance for sustainable travel. Phil has also contributed to the Radical Transport Two-Pagers, research on the carbon impact of the national roads programme, and most recently on updating WelTAG, the transport appraisal guidelines for the Welsh Government. 

Phil’s research as Senior Fellow on Transport and Climate Change for the Foundation for Integrated Transport (2021-2023) is summarised in Transport and Climate Change Unresolved.

Alistair is recognised for his expertise and experience on visitor travel in national parks and leisure travel more generally. Since 2020 he has been a Fellow of the Foundation for Integrated Transport, focusing on national park transport governance. In 2023 Alistair was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to research decarbonising the whole visitor journey for rural destinations.

He works at every scale, including local community schemes, transport authority strategy and national policy development. Alistair was previously Executive Director of the national shared transport charity CoMoUK. Before that he was Sustainable Transport Adviser for the Lake District National Park Authority, where he led development of the Lake District’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund programme and developed its spatial movement strategy. 

In his free time Alistair campaigns for local issues, such as his village’s e-bikes rental scheme.

Carey is a behaviour change specialist and environmental psychologist who has played a defining role in the development of UK travel planning. Drawing on international experience and working closely with networks of innovative UK practitioners, she researched and developed the first comprehensive national guidance on workplace, school, leisure and residential travel planning.

Carey has two decades of experience in environmental research, evaluation, publications and project management. She formerly worked as Assistant Director at Transport 2000 (now the Campaign for Better Transport) and was Director of the Green Space Programme at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. She is currently a trustee of Low Carbon Oxford North where she helped to initiate the Oxford Car Free Challenge in partnership with the climate solutions group Possible.