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Working to make transport better for society and the environment.

We are a specialist consultancy that is working to create a more sustainable, equitable, cleaner transport system in the UK.

High quality, integrated, more sustainable transport options can enable journeys that are healthy, quick and cost-effective – improving transport equity and the individual traveller’s quality of life. When compared to travelling by private car, these options often result in significant improvements to road safety, congestion, pollution and climate impacts  – improving the quality of our communities and environment too.

We bring respected experts together to form virtual teams that deliver projects to help develop better interventions and policies; evaluate national and local transport investment programmes; research ‘what works’; and share UK and international best practice.

Our portfolio of projects helps to make the case for policies and investment which support innovative and effective transport solutions, and which inspire and enable greater use of active travel, public transport and other less polluting travel options – helping the UK to decarbonise and move towards net zero.

In addition to our consultancy work, we publish Radical Transport 2-Pagers, to open up discussion about transport policy to everyone, beyond the current narrow terms of debate.

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Our founding directors

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Lynn Sloman started the sustainable transport consultancy Transport for Quality of Life in 2002, running it with Co-Director Ian Taylor for more than 20 years. On their retirement in 2024, it was taken over by Sally Cairns, Anna Goodman, Beth Hiblin and Lisa Hopkinson.

Lynn and Ian set up Transport for Quality of Life to do ground-breaking research to make our transport system more sustainable. They showed how thorough, robust evaluations of sustainable transport investment programmes could enable progressive policymaking, and encouraged radical thinking about how to change our transport system to meet people’s travel needs with less environmental impact.

Under Ian and Lynn’s leadership, Transport for Quality of Life has challenged the wasteful expenditure on road-building that damages the climate and increases car dependency, and the continued failure of the UK to match the best European examples of integrated public transport and land-use planning, which could make our cities and countryside better places and give people mobility options compatible with saving the climate.

Lynn and Ian’s work has helped set public policy on a different course. They forensically analysed how rail privatisation had failed and developed a blueprint for reintegrating the railways under public ownership. Their work on building a world-class bus system for Britain stimulated campaigns to re-regulate bus services, with the first success in Greater Manchester. Their model of the impact of active travel investment resulted in a step change in funding for walking and cycling. Their analyses were amongst the first to show that the climate emergency demands a rapid reduction in car mileage, because purely technological change is too slow. That work underpinned modal shift and car mileage reduction targets set by Welsh Government in 2021.

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