Projects to Achieve Sustainable Travel

We undertake practical projects with local authorities, NGOs and others to achieve more sustainable travel. We also advise on monitoring of sustainable travel interventions and undertake independent evaluations, to help learn what works best.


Encouraging Active Travel

Goodman Dulwich study cover image 2020

Coordinating local volunteers to do manual counts, in order to examine the impact on cycling of new modal filters in Southwark, London.  

On the street affected by the Streetspace modal filters, the number of cyclists almost doubled from the previous manual count (94% relative increase). At the control site, cycling numbers were relatively unchanged (6% relative increase).

The work provides a model for other communities to survey their own streets where modal filters have been introduced. The accompanying Word file available here for download provides details of the data collection methods to help others employ the same rigorous approach elsewhere.


Download: Examining the impact on cycling of Streetspace modal filters: a controlled before-and-after study in Dulwich Village, London [Main Report, pdf 1Mb]

Download: Appendix: Manual Count Resources and Instructions [Appendix as Word document 5Mb, for other communities to use as a template]

Goodman et al Dulwich diversity study cover image 2021

Further work to assess how the introduction of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, with modal filters that block vehicular through-traffic but allow passage of pedestrians and cyclists, affects the sort of people cycling. 

The report presents original survey data from four South London locations in low traffic neighborhoods, plus four control locations. It contrasts two low traffic neighbourhood sites that both saw large cycling increases, but that differed markedly in the composition of cyclists and the apparent drivers of cycling increase - cycling to school was prominent at one, delivery cycling at the other.  This illustrates the value of collecting data on cycling diversity as well as cycling volume, to better understand how and why cycling is changing.


Download: The value of measuring cycling diversity as well as cycling volume: case study from South London [pdf 1Mb]


Work with Cycling England to establish the Cycling Demonstration Towns project, and to support the use of smart measures to increase cycling.

Facilitating DfT’s national programme of walking seminars involving over 1000
people from local authorities, primary care trusts, and voluntary organisations.

Review of UK pedestrianisation schemes and their impact on economic vitality
for Exeter City Council.


Monitoring and Evaluation of Sustainable Travel Projects

Derby Connected:  Transport for Quality of Life undertook an independent evaluation of the workplace personalised travel planning project undertaken by Sustrans for Derby City Council.

Derby Connected monitoring report cover imageDerby Connected summary of outcomes cover image






Download: Derby Connected Workplace Personalised Travel Planning Project: Monitoring and evaluation report (2015) [pdf 0.6Mb]

Download: Derby Connected Workplace Personalised Travel Planning Project: Summary of project outcomes (2016) [pdf 1.3Mb]

Derby Connected LSTF Final evaluation report cover imageTransport for Quality of Life also worked with Derby City Council to evaluate all aspects of its whole Derby Connected programme of work supported by the DfT's Local Sustainable Transport Fund, which included a workplace travel advice service, workplace personalised travel planning, new bus services to employment sites, cycle training, and refurbishment and resale of second-hand bikes.

Download: Derby Connected LSTF Final Monitoring and Evaluation Report (2016) [pdf 2.7Mb]




A scoping study to evaluate Highways England's Cycling, Safety and Integration Fund

Evaluation of the Energy Saving Trust's transport programme.


Sustainable Transport Blueprint for Canterbury cover image

Sustainable Transport Strategy

A Sustainable Transport Blueprint for Canterbury. A vision for Canterbury that aims to combine the best of its fine mediaeval heritage with a delightful, healthful, efficient and environmentally sustainable transport system fit for the twenty-first century. 

Download: A Sustainable Transport Blueprint for Canterbury [pdf 440 Kb]



Greener Journeys bus voucher 2012Marketing Sustainable Travel

Design and evaluation input to Greener Journeys Behaviour Change Lab, an innovative set of initiatives that successfully persuaded car drivers to try the bus instead.  

Download: Greener Journeys Behaviour Change Lab Evaluation Exec Summary [169 Kb] 

The Dyfi Transport Guide, a sustainable transport and tourism product, for mid-Wales voluntary organisation Ecodyfi.

Work with Arriva and Gwynedd, Powys and Ceredigion Councils to develop
personalised marketing of bus services.


Travel Planning

Area-wide and site-specific visitor travel plans for key Lake District tourist attractions as part of the Go Lakes travel programme.

A project for the National Trust to increase sustainable visitor travel to their

A workplace travel plan for Gwynedd Council, covering its four main offices across a rural county.

Workplace travel plans for the Countryside Council for Wales, at seven offices.

A visitor travel plan for a proposed environmental visitor centre at the Welsh Harp,
in NW London.


Cover_Image_Getting_About_Dyfi_ValleyCommunity Engagement

Consultation and transport needs assessment for Powys County Council and Communities First.

Download: Getting About the Dyfi Valley [pdf 672kb]







Making Smarter Choices Mainstream

Department for Transport Expert Panel to advise on award of £600 million Local Sustainable Transport Fund grants.

Advising the Irish Government on establishing Smarter Travel Areas to receive focussed investment in sustainable travel.

Assistance to local authorities and national park authorities in developing bids to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund - 100% success rate.

Monitoring and evaluation for local authorities implementing Local Sustainable Transport Fund projects.

Appraisal of the freight strategy for NW England for the NW Transport Roundtable (a network of environmental and social voluntary organisations).