Public Transport



Options for Regional Rail

This report shows that Britain's regional rail networks could achieve major gains by reforms to cut out profit leakage and fragmentation. The report quantifies the benefits, suggests alternative structures, and draws lessons from other rail systems in Europe.  The report presents options for regional transport authorities that run from those currently available or likely to become available with limited reform right through to options under a fully-integrated 'GB Rail' model, as developed in the Rebuilding Rail report below. It shows that British regions and devolved nations stand to gain most from radical rather than incremental change.

Commissioned by pteg (2013)

Download: Options for Regional Rail report [1.7 Mb]



Rebuilding Rail

This project examines ways to reduce the fragmentation and leakage of public money that characterise the UK's privatised railways.  The report  outlines a recipe for radical reform in order to benefit both passengers and taxpayers.  It calculates that over one billion pounds of taxpayers' money could be saved annually if railways were reunited under public ownership.  These funds could be used to deliver substantial fare reductions or invested in the railways to achieve wider environmental, economic and social gains.

Commissioned by ASLEF, RMT, TSSA, UNITE. (2012)

Download: Rebuilding Rail report [1.7 Mb]